Not looking forward to switching to a different type. I will write to both Microsoft and Logitech about these mouses. What killed both my original s MS mice was loose wiring. The number of posts on this thread have to be an indication of the fact that there are quite a lot of people who would buy and use TBE as only a small percentage of the TBE users seek info out on the web, find this thread, and decide to post here. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the one I had… and eventually ended up destroying tying to fix it. Count me in to be a regular customer of anyone that can duplicate the Microsoft Trackball Explorer. All buttons work fine.

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I lifted it up off the floor like a wounded child and proceeded to inspect every nook and cranny. I have used Trackbal for many years.

All buttons work fine. I got the new Explorer out several times with the idea of hooking it up, but I was put off by the scrolling wheel opration having to be done with your thumb.

This listing has ended. See and discover other items: It might be a solution for some with similar problems, or explorr with pitted balls. If this can be tracked down, do they have any leftovers? My Trackball Explorer just broke. I should also note, I would use the Stream on a system before I used the logitech trackman wireless. The Microsoft Trackball Explorer is easily the best computer pointing device ever contrived by the mind of man.


It is in demand and no one in the world makes it!

Looks like Microsoft had some legal trouble with the TBE. Reaction was officialy that market targets were determined by internal policy not to engage in these mouse projects anymore. Mac OS 9 and below.

Thanks Phil, half of that stuff on my website was modeled using a Exploreer. If Microsoft would re-release a version, I know I would buy several, some for safe keeping and some for all my computers. Mine finally gave out on me and with the prices being what they are on Ebay, I went ahead and got a logitech track man. I wish I could have a couple of spares to bring to work with me.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer – The World’s Most Comfortable Trackball

Logitech makes one that is close. I enjoy its shape. Back to home page.

One thing which appears to be helpful. Granted, if microsoft or any other company were to reissue the TBE, I would be first in line. Much cheaper than the tungsten carbide ones. Keep up the good work Ville. My only suggestion would be to consider having either the side-to-side scrollwheel like their mice, or move it over to between the 3rd and 4th buttons. Customer satisfaction also figures in some. It had a big red ball. I do and it works so well. See questions and answers.


If you do ruin more than that, you can always super glue the bearing back in. Trust me, I have stocked 5 mouses like this, so that I am never out of this item. The thumb is not for pointing.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer Ps2 / USB Mouse | eBay

Price includes shipping and Paypal fees. But at least now, I think I may have found one! Now, the bearing have also worn flat.