Unfortunately, the system requirements for our webcams require a Windows operating system. To add audio to your video, plug a microphone into your computer. Perhaps this product was made only for Dell computers made in August, with Intel chipsets and silver case screws Page 3 What your Webcam includes: Will The Paladin Thu, 17 Jul

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I tried to install this thing like 15 times now.

Installing Your Webcam – Sakar IConcepts DM Owner’s Manual [Page 4]

Another issue discussed has been this camera’s compatibility with the Windows Vista operating system. You can purchase Albums and Video CD, two additional workshop projects online at anytime and these will be automatically activated in PhoTags Express.

Insert the CD that came with your webcam.

Our friend still cannot get the disk that came with her dn to load. It should automatically run the installation. Method 1 — Capture Mode: Messages, files, and images copyright by respective owners.

Fill out an onlineticket 41952 one of our technical support team members will answer questions or call or to access our technical support information on the phone.


Manage your photos by creating countless unique photo collections 491522 duplicating any photos. Aman Sun, 28 Sep How do I improve it? Now reinstall the software. He also sent me an eMail telling me that he would look into the problems associated with this device.

Sakar 49152-DM Web Cam

Can anyone send me a copy of the original software that came in the box? No go, still says the same thing, except wegcam it crashes with an application exception right after denying me We can find no information at all other than the fact that there is a model webcam.

Page 19 If you are running 499152 or XP: I haev boughten the same cam and when I installed it on Vista the first time it failed. The person I spoke with was very concerned about Page 9 referring to a ‘toggle switch’. Connect the camera to your computer with USB cable. Page 18 Appendix B: Wallawalla bing bang the cam worksadjusted focus and advanced settings under Webcqm Capture Filter and it works fine for a cheap ass camera.

Position the Webcam so that it is pointing in the direction of the object you wish to photograph. Page 17 Webcam MaintenanceYour Webcam is a delicate instrument- please handle it with care. If you wegcam your webcam does not work, what you have to do is to try USB hub!! Restart your computer again.


What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Please note that these AVI video files take up a lot of hard drive space. The drivers are fine! I’ve tried everything to get these things to work with no success A detailed written description of the problem. After removing it, restart your computer.

Page 10 Capturing Photos: You can now begin to use your webcam. I bought USB hub and insert webcam’s connecter into it. This is most likely due md the microphone not working or not being properly connected to the sound card.