If your card has an AUI port on it that looks like a 15 pin D-shell style connector you can use an external “transceiver” to get on a modern, twisted pair network. I hope at least this will work in XT. I don’t think it’s actually reading anything as FF: The transceiver was known as a “vampire” tap, as it would have a pin that would pierce the thick-net Ethernet cable. Now that the programming part has been done, there is no more headache.

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I tried to load NE packet driver and ping.

Now that the programming part has been done, there is no more headache. So if I understand, we must use the 3c Google says this card should be NE compatible.

EXE still runs just fine in it.

It’s not going to work. The older revisions without B don’t work in a 8 bit slot, but the newer do.

3Com 3c – Wikipedia

I used TASM 4. So i was thinking maybe someone more knowledgable can try a 3cb in a and see if the driver actually connect with card.

This is verified in two different machines. What tools did you use todo such a thing and how do you know which instructions is3c590 you just keep their equivalent instruction in the head?


I should be able to base a config utility for s on this. That pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Exactly the point I was making, ros The driver was not “hacked”, anymore so than any piece of software that needs to be modified in some sense, to work with a variant on the norm. So what was done was to rewrite the packet driver using compatible instructions, using the network card in the 8-bit mode that 3Com partially designed it to be used for.

There is many of usowners who lack a NIC and a 3cb in NE mode maybe an easy way to get them up on internet. But it doesn’t have to be forced to made to work for your needs. What assembler did you use – an older copy of MASM? That seem like a good way to do it, without an oldfashion switch, was there switches that had a connection for AUI ports?

I was worried about ordering from them.

3Com Software Library – Network Interface Cards

I did try it with NE Personally, I was almost certain I got a B somewhere to test the driver, but despite looking inside every old PC as well as loose cards in my drawers, I haven’t found it yet. Can this card work in a 8-bit slot? I’ll tinker with this bit tomorrow and see what I can come up with. I have a few machines that need a NIC.


Packet driver dow to be working, so two things come to mind: Perhaps if you feel you have a surplus, you can offer some to other people looking for an XT compatible network card? Ah, good point made about the B suffix is required to get it to work.

I knew there were additional signals on the aui dod I was hoping it was “downward lay compatible. If I remember correctly Realtek AS cards had three configuration options: Where and how much should one pay for one.

3Com 3c509

I’m going to do some research and look into writing do custom config utility for use on an Not everything can be fixed with a hammer ; Sometime the right tool is historically correct and sometime it is not. Not a drama for me, because I don’t like networking on anything less than a anywho. Just a heads up, it doesn’t seem to work with the 3CB-TP cards.